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You play as Aidan, a man who is struggling to write the last page of his novel. Guided by an observant narrator, he must finish his writing. Too much depends on it. Will you help him reach the conclusion of his bittersweet story?

About the game:

An interactive short-story about finding what you have lost.

Out of space

  • A short narrative experience developed in Unreal Engine 5 within 7 days for the Epic MegaJam 2021 with a unique take on the jam's theme "Running Out Of Space".
  • Atmospheric environment, with nostalgic binaural music
  • Multi-layered story within a story
  • Real-time global illumination powered by Lumen
  • Complete voice-over and subtitles
  • one playthrough should take about 10-15minutes
  • 45 second gameplay footage: gameplay trailer
  • full playthrough (major spoilers, only watch after completing the game or if you are stuck / have potato laptop): full playthrough, major spoilers
  • all acknowledgements in  credits.md


maschere_OfFindingAndSearchingLostSpace.7z 878 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract anywhere (with 7z https://www.7-zip.org/). Then start "FindingLostSpace.exe"

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